Crossing The Threshold (2014)

An intoxicating mesh of hand claps, foot stamps, jazz harmony, improvisation, and dance

Crossing The Threshold album cover

Driven by an electrifying rhythm section of hand percussion, hand claps and flamenco dance, the band performs John's original jazz compositions fusing fiery flamenco grooves with adventurous improvisation from flute player Gareth Lockrane and others. The band has performed to sell-out audiences at the London Jazz Festival, Love Supreme Festival, and top jazz venues such as The Vortex and Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho.

"Inspired by flamenco, especially my experiences of live performances, I was driven to find a way to incorporate some of those undefinable flashes of life, creation, emotion and passion into my own medium – instrumental jazz compositions. Seeming like a good cohesive theme to hold an album project together, I ventured forth on this musical adventure. I chose various flamenco styles that particularly resonated with me, and used those as compositional starting points."


Gareth Lockrane - Flutes
John Cervantes - Piano, Rhodes
Sandy Suchodolski - Double Bass
Jon Desbruslais - Drum Kit
Malick Mbengue - Cajon, Congas, Clapping
Adrian Sola - Clapping
Jesus Olmedo - Footwork, Castanets, Clapping
Pablo Dominguez - Clapping


All compositions by John Cervantes PRS / MCPS.
Recorded 3-4 July 2014 at Eastcote Studios by Philip Bagenal.
Mixed and mastered by Tyler McDiarmid.
Photograph by Mike Drummond.
With support from Arts Council England.
Produced by John Cervantes.